On Demand

What you get with Expertise On Demand

Ask an Analyst

As a subscriber, you can ask The Ovation Point experts your most challenging cyber security questions. Our team will respond with commentary and simple analysis based on the collective intelligence and expertise of The Ovation Point.

Fixed-scope services

You can use prepaid Expertise On Demand Units to reserve and request an array of personalized services, readiness, training, threat assessment, intelligence, technical, expertise and services.

Penetration Testing

Minimal Disruption to Operations

Unlike some other penetration testing services, at RSI Security we make sure that any activities – from firewall penetration testing to penetration testing of cloud services – causes minimal disruption to regular business activities.

Root Cause Detection & Analysis

RSI Security’s external penetration testing services don’t just spot vulnerabilities. You’ll gain insight into the root causes of any security gaps, allowing you to bolster your cyberdefenses in the most meaningful way possible.


Actionable Insights & Reporting

All penetration testing for IT infrastructure conducted with RSI Security as your trusted partner is designed to yield detailed, accurate, and actionable reports. We’ll help you interpret the data and formulate and action plan that will plug any holes in your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Effective Regulatory Compliance

Whether it’s NIST penetration testing, HIPAA penetration testing, or any other standard that your business has to comply with, RSI security provides top-notch network pen test consulting services to ensure you avoid any fines and/or penalties related to non-compliance.